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Teacher Molly’s 3’s Classes

Please enjoy Teacher Molly’s 2012-2013 newsletters here:

1. October 3’s AM Class Newsletter – Pics here!

October 3’s PM Class Newsletter – Pics here!

2.  November 3’s AM Class Newsletter

November 3’s PM Class Newsletter

3.   December 3’s AM Class Newsletter

December 3’s PM Class Newsletter

4.  January 3’s AM Class Newsletter

January 3’s PM Class Newsletter

5.  February 3’s AM Class Newsletter

February 3’s PM Class Newsletter

6. March 3’s AM Class Newsletter

March 3’s PM Class Newsletter

7. April 3’s AM Class Newsletter

April 3’s PM Class Newsletter

8.  May 3’s AM Class Newsletter

May 3’s PM Class Newsletter

Teacher Molly’s 2011-2012 newsletter archive:

1. October 2011 Newsletter 1 – Pics here!

2. October 2011 Newsletter 2 – Pics here!

3. November 2011 Newsletter – Pics here!

4. December 2011 Newsletter – Pics here!

5. January 2012 Newsletter – Pics here!

6. February 2012 Newsletter – Pics here!

7. March 2012 Newsletter – Pics here!

8. April 2012 Newsletter – Pics here!

9. Special Visit from Firestation 18,  April 11, 2012 – Pics here!

10. May 2012 Newsletter – (Pics updated at end of month)

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